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Protect Teeth While Treating Sensitivity

With Crest Sensitivity Whitening + Scope, you’ll enjoy a brushing experience unlike any other. It not only works to protect your teeth against painful sensitivity, but it gently whitens and has the great minty taste of Scope. Now you don’t have to make any trade-offs between whitening or flavor when choosing your sensitivity toothpaste. As always, sensitivity protection is key. Crest Sensitivity Whitening + Scope offers the same clinically proven active ingredient found in Sensodyne* for maximum strength† relief of the nerves that can make eating and drinking hot and cold foods so painful. When used daily, Crest Sensitivity Whitening + Scope helps to build increasing protection for your teeth.
*Sensodyne potassium nitrate
containing formula
†Maximum level of FDA Sensitivity
active ingredient

Get Total Protection


Have you ever felt a sharp, shooting pain or discomfort along your gum line while having hot or cold foods and drinks?

Did You Know?

You're not alone. 1 in 5 adults in the US experiences regular tooth sensitivity.
*based on a P&G habits &
practices study.

The Solution

Crest Sensitivity toothpastes are designed to relieve the pain and treat sensitivity.

Plus More

Enjoy the trusted protection of Crest Sensitivity toothpaste with gentle whitening plus the refreshing taste of Scope.



Do Crest Toothpastes Contain Gluten?
No current Crest toothpaste contains gluten.

Does Crest Toothpaste Contain Salicylates?
There are no salicylates in any US Crest version of toothpaste, but some formulations have methyl salicylate in their flavor systems.

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