What is Toothpaste Made Of?


Common toothpaste ingredients

Shockingly, not all toothpastes contain the mineral necessary to fight off cavities and prevent tooth decay. However, only toothpastes containing one of the three forms of fluoride (sodium, stannous, and monofluorophosphate) are recognized by the FDA for cavity prevention. Stannous fluoride, when formulated properly, is the only form of the three that goes beyond cavity protection to help fight gum disease, ease sensitivity, and protect against the effects of acid erosion. Crest first formulated a stannous fluoride toothpaste in 1955 and continues to deliver its many beneficial properties through a variety of flavors, specific needs, and more.

The ingredient helps toothpaste retain its smooth shape while also sweetening up the flavor. Unlike sugar, the sweetening agent does not cause cavities and is safe for teeth.

This toothpaste ingredient helps keep your toothpaste from drying out while making sure its texture stays consistently smooth.

The most commonly used abrasive is calcium carbonate. When you scrub your teeth with your toothbrush, the ingredient helps to remove plaque and surface stains. Other abrasives include magnesium carbonate, silicates, phosphate salts, hydrated aluminum oxides, and dehydrated silica gels. Abrasives are tough on plaque but gentle on your enamel, ensuring you get that smooth-feel clean without any damage.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate used to create the foamy action you associate with toothpaste; this ingredient can cause mouth or canker sores in people who are prone to them. If you’re not prone to mouth sores, then the ingredient is completely safe to use.

Specific toothpaste formulations

With some many toothpaste options out there, it can be difficult to find the tube that’s perfect for you. Crest’s range of toothpastes addresses a variety of specific needs such as sensitivity, gum health, whitening, enamel repair, and more. We’ve combed through the different benefits of specialty toothpastes so you can find the toothpaste formulation that’s right for you.

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