Is Alcohol Needed in Mouthwash to Kill Germs & Bacteria?

Is Alcohol Needed in Mouthwash to Kill Germs & Bacteria?

No. In alcohol-containing mouthwashes, alcohol is not the active ingredient; it is simply required to stabilize the formula. At high concentrations, alcohol has been reported to contribute to dry mouth, which can worsen bad breath and the growth of more germs.

Crest Pro-Health Rinse's alcohol-free formula is a win for millions of consumers who may want to avoid alcohol-based products, but who want to enjoy the health benefits of mouthwash.

  • The alcohol-free formula also means that the product is easier to use for the recommended 30 seconds twice daily.
  • If the product is not used for the full 30 seconds, users will not realize the full benefit.

Do I Still Have to Floss My Teeth?

Yes. Mouthwash is not intended to replace flossing. While Crest Pro-Health Rinse reduces plaque in the places you may miss while brushing, you should continue to use floss, like Oral-B Glide Deep Clean Floss, in your oral care regimen.

Does Crest Pro-Health Rinse Contain Alcohol?

No, Crest Pro-Health Rinse is alcohol free.

Does Crest Mouthwash Kill Bacteria?

While not all mouthwashes kill bacteria, Crest Pro Health mouthwash is effective in killing 99% of germs while leaving breath fresh.

You may also want to try Oral-B Cavity Protection Special Care Oral Rinse which is formulated to help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

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