How do I open the Crest Mouthwash bottle?

How do I open the Crest Mouthwash bottle How do I Open the Crest Mouthwash Bottle? Why Does Scope Have a Child Resistant Cap?

How do I Open the Crest Mouthwash bottle?

Remove printed band. On each side of the cap, there are ridges. Squeeze these ridges while turning the cap counterclockwise. There's a picture on the top of the cap that shows where to squeeze.  To close, screw the cap back on (without squeezing) until it clicks. We also have a 250 ml size that does NOT have a Child Resistant Cap. It screws off and on.

Why Does Scope Have a Child Resistant Cap?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a regulation for all mouthwashes similar to Scope to have child-resistant packaging on product made on or after July 24, 1995. This regulation permits one size to remain in a non child-resistant package. The 250 mL (8.4 FL OZ) bottle does not have a child-resistant cap since it is easier to handle for older adults and doesn't weigh very much compared to the larger sizes.

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