Potassium Nitrate in Toothpaste: What You Need to Know

Potassium Nitrate in Toothpaste Is Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste Safe? Uses of Potassium Nitrate in Toothpaste Best Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste Alternative to Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste

Often used as a desensitizing agent, potassium nitrate is safe when properly formulated into toothpaste.

Is Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste Safe?

Potassium nitrate in toothpaste is primarily used to help alleviate and treat tooth sensitivity. In fact, numerous regulatory boards around the world consider potassium nitrate both safe and effective for the treatment of tooth sensitivity. Potassium nitrate can be found naturally occurring in vegetables such as spinach, celery and cabbage.

Uses of Potassium Nitrate in Toothpaste

When used in toothpaste, potassium nitrate makes up just 5% of the total ingredient content. This amount is enough to help relieve sensitivity as well. Whitening toothpastes that contain potassium nitrate both remove surface stains and help prevent sensitivity.

Best Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste

When treating sensitivity pain, a potassium nitrate toothpaste can help. Additionally, if you’re looking for a whitening toothpaste that also helps with sensitivity, try using one that’s formulated with the ingredient. Crest Whitening Therapy Sensitivity Care Toothpaste helps remineralize weakened enamel, remove surface stains, and prevent sensitivity pain.

Alternative to Potassium Nitrate Toothpaste

If you’re looking to help alleviate sensitivity pain without the use of a potassium nitrate toothpaste, Crest offers several options devoid of the ingredient. The Crest Gum and Sensitivity product collection is uniquely formulated with stannous fluoride, an ingredient that’s also known to aid with sensitivity. These toothpastes target sensitivity pain by treating the condition at the source—your gum line. The foamy action neutralizes plaque bacteria below the gum line to help reveal a healthier smile.

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