Which Crest Toothpastes Are Non-Mint Flavored?

Which Crest Toothpastes Are Non-Mint Flavored?

Non-mint Toothpaste

Sensitive taste buds, small mouths, mint allergies, and simply not enjoying the flavor of mint are all reasons to look for a non-mint toothpaste. Find a Crest toothpaste that’s mint-free in flavor while still delivering the oral health benefits you expect.

Non-Mint Toothpaste

Crest offers several mint-free toothpaste options that are milder in flavor while still formulated with fluoride to help strengthen enamel, fight cavities, and remove plaque buildup.

Crest Complete Whitening Plus Cinnamon Expressions – An alternative to traditional mint, this cinnamon-flavored toothpaste helps whiten teeth, prevent tartar, freshen breath, and promote enamel strength.

Crest Kid’s Toothpaste – Most kids’ toothpastes are milder in flavor to help encourage the development of healthy oral habits from a young age. Some kid-friendly options include bubble gum, strawberry, and fruit burst.

Depending on your unique preferences and oral care needs, there’s sure to be a flavor you enjoy. No matter which one you go with, be sure to stick to a thorough oral hygiene routine of brushing twice and flossing once daily.

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