How do I Store My Teeth Whitening Kit?

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Once you've invested in one of the many tooth whitening kits available, you want to make sure you store it properly to maintain its effectiveness.

Storage Tips For Tooth Whitening Kits

Most manufacturers recommend storing tooth whitening kits in a cool place. What does this mean? Anywhere in your home where heat isn't trapped in a confined space can be a great place to store tooth whitening kits when not in use.

For some, under the bathroom cabinet or in a linen closet is appropriate. Others who live in extremely warm climates may want to store tooth whitening kits in the refrigerator.

You may wonder if the steam and heat generated by bathroom showers will cause problems for your tooth whitening kits. But the limited amount of heat generated in these situations shouldn't have any negative effects on tooth whitening kits.

Where Not To Store Your Tooth Whitening Kits

Don't store your tooth whitening kits in the freezer. If the product should somehow become frozen, simply allow it to come to room temperature before using it. Warm places such as those that receive direct sunlight or become very warm for any reason are not recommended storage locations for tooth whitening kits.

Once you've identified an appropriate storage space, you're ready to shop around for tooth whitening kits. Ask your dentist for recommendations before beginning a whitening program.

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