Do Crest Toothpastes Have the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

Do Crest Toothpastes Have the ADA Seal of Acceptance? Has Crest Toothpaste Received the ADA Seal? Which Toothpastes Have the Seal?

Has Crest Pro–Health Toothpaste received the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association?

Yes. In fact, Crest Pro-Health Gel Toothpaste - Clean Mint, Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste - Clean Cinnamon, Crest Pro-Health Night Toothpaste, and Crest Pro-Health Whitening are the toothpastes that have received the ADA Seal of Acceptance for protecting against all these areas: cavitiesgingivitisplaquesensitivitystains and bad breath. They also help prevent tartar buildup and freshen breath.

Which Crest Toothpastes have the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal?

Although we don't have the ADA Seal of Acceptance approval yet for Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening, Advanced Cleaning, Dual Action Whitening, Crest Plus Scope, Rejuvenating effects or Whitening Expressions versions, all Crest toothpastes contain the same clinically proven anti-cavity ingredient -- fluoride.

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