Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? Facts About the Safety of Teeth Whitening Is Whitening Toothpaste Bad For Your Teeth? Is Bleaching Your Teeth Bad? Are Crest Whitestrips Safe? Is In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening Safe? Effective Methods for Home Teeth Bleaching

Despite their desires for whiter, brighter smiles, many people have concerns about the possible dangers of teeth whitening.  While there are many options to choose from—including whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, whitening strips, bleaching trays and gels, and laser teeth whitening—each product is safe when used as directed. Remember, proper use is essential to the safety of teeth whitening products so always make sure to read instructions. All Crest whitening products are safe for use.

Facts About The Safety Of Teeth Whitening

Proper use is essential to the safety of teeth whitening products. Teeth whitening products with bleach, such as teeth whitening strips, are designed to remove both intrinsic and extrinsic stains safely when used as directed. Intrinsic teeth stains are stains caused by trauma to the tooth, or by medications, excessive fluoride use, and normal aging. Extrinsic stains are the stains caused by exposure over time to food, drink, or tobacco products.

Is Whitening Toothpaste Bad For Your Teeth?

Toothpaste is a safe teeth whitening option. In fact, because of their ingredients, some can even help strengthen your teeth in addition to whitening them.  Crest® White Diamond Strong Toothpaste  strengthens and rebuilds weakened tooth enamel, while removing up to 90% of surface stains in only one week. 

Is Bleaching Your Teeth Bad?

Bleaching your teeth is a process where products containing ingredients, like hydrogen peroxide, whiten on and below your enamel surface. It is important to use products that are made specifically for teeth, as they have clear instructions for usage and are formulated with safe levels of hydrogen peroxide. Crest® 3D White Whitestrips are a great option that utilizes safe levels of hydrogen peroxide to give you a dramatically whiter smile.

Are Crest Whitestrips Safe?

Crest Whitestrips are also proven to be safe, as research demonstrated through extensive clinical trials. Whitestrips use the same enamel-safe ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, which many dentists use in their offices. In fact, Crest Whitestrips Whitening + Therapy also strengthen your enamel with a soothing serum.

Crest® Whitestrips can be an affordable way to get the same results you might get from a more expensive treatment. While Crest Whitestrips may initially cause gum discomfort or tooth sensitivity due to whitening, these effects are temporary and have no long-term adverse effects. If you’re experiencing sensitive teeth due to whitening, try waiting a few days before your next treatment.

Is In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

In-office professional whitening is a popular option for people who want the fastest results possible, but it also can be an aggressive treatment. While the results can be faster and more dramatic, you can experience pain and increased teeth sensitivity due to whitening from treatments. If you have dental problems such as cavities or gum disease, make sure to consult your dentist before beginning a whitening regimen. They will recommend the best course of action for you.

Effective Methods For Home Teeth Bleaching

There are many ways to get a brighter smile with home teeth bleaching products. Options include whitening toothpastes and rinses that can provide gentle whitening to maintain a bright smile. These options are often ideal for individuals with teeth sensitive to whitening, or for people who want to maintain their level of whiteness.

Other options include whitening strips and whitening trays, which can provide dramatic whitening in just a few days. There are whitening strip products available that offer professional-level whitening results, such as Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects. In fact, Professional Effects whitens as effectively as $400 treatments (as compared to in-office light/laser systems).

You can complement any home teeth bleaching option by maintaining a diligent oral hygiene regimen, including regular brushing, flossing, and twice-yearly cleanings performed by your dental professional.


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